Unsubscribe all the things

Dec/14/2013 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

We all been at the place where we find a brand new project that is yet to come. We subscribe the newsletter to be up to date. The project dies, but somehow you keep getting those annoying emails, and doesn't matter how many times we try to unsubscribe, we just can't do it.

Unsubscribing from malling lists is probably the most annoying thing on the web today. I can't count the times I tried to do so, and just can't. Well, not anymore. Now I use Unroll.me.

With Unroll.me you can unsubscribe from most services in just a few clicks. Personally I unsubscribed from 105 malling lists. Most of them I wasn't even getting any emails but just to be sure.

Do your self a favor and keep your inbox clean.


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Chrome DevTools for Mobile

Dec/09/2013 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

Just a few weeks ago the chrome team release yet another awesome feature. You can now truly debug on your desktop as if you were working on your mobile phone or tablet.

This will get your socks off: remote debugging and then we'll unveil proper mobile emulation.

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I would like to express complete and utter disappointment

Dec/06/2013 4 min read by Marco Monteiro

Today we were at the #codeigniter channel on IRC (Freenode). We were discussing who would win the shit job award of the day. I tried to win with a single file website with CSS, JS, HTML and mySQL in one file. I thought I would win. Well I didn't.

This was Thomas (aka slax0r) submission:

This is an email that he wrote to VPN supplier that one of his clients were using.

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The Google Geocoding API

Nov/27/2013 11 min read by Marco Monteiro

Geocoding is the process of converting addresses (like "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA") into geographic coordinates (like latitude 37.423021 and longitude -122.083739), which you can use to place markers or position the map.

Reverse geocoding is the process of converting geographic coordinates into a human-readable address.

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normalizedSync.php - Single file demo

Nov/19/2013 7 min read by David Wosnitza

Are you trying to sync de-normalized data from a remote source (e.g. webservice) and struggle importing it into your nicely normalized database? Maybe this little demo might give you an idea!

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