Never Deny Your Users

August 07, 2014 Written By

A few weeks ago I came across a problem that I haven’t had to deal with before. I was visiting a website on my computer, everything was normal. I could see all the information. That was exactly what I was expecting. Later that evening I wanted to show that website to a friend, but I was on my phone. When I got to the website on my phone I got this big message saying the website was not avaiable on my phone. As in, sure they didn’t bother to make a mobile version of the website and that’s ok. Instead they used the time they should be using to make a mobile version of that website to actually block all the users using smaller screens.

Seriously, just show me website in plain text. I wouldn’t mind that, really. Imagine my frustration if I happen to need your contacts. I pick up my phone, go to your website, and just got a message saying that


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"Never Deny Your Users" via @marcogmonteiro