Composer + Oh-My-Zsh

November 23, 2012 Written By Marco Monteiro

Oh-my-zsh is a community driven framework that you can use to manage your zsh configuration.

What about composer? I have a blog you know? I write stuff from time to time. Keep up, Internet.

The plugin! This plugin is quite simple actually. It gives you auto-complete and a bunch of useful aliases:

	c = 'composer'
	c  for autcomplete
	csu = 'composer self-update'
	cu = 'composer update'
	ci = 'composer install'
	ccp = 'composer create-project'
	cget = installs composer on the current path

If you’re looking for the composer commands you can see those here.

To add the plugin just make sure you’re running the latest version of oh-my-zsh then edit your .zshrc file and add the composer plugin to the list of your active plugins.

There, done!


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"Composer + Oh-My-Zsh" via @marcogmonteiro