The Semantic Grid System

August 28, 2011 Written By Marco Monteiro

A lot has been going on this year about responsive webdesign. Personally I think this is a great thing that finally webdesigners are awaken for the reality that webdesign can no longer be produced for one platform but for many.

Web have tablets, smartphones, small screen laptops. This verity of platforms makes the job a bit difficult for a webdesigner, but a lot more interesting. Many webdesigners resolve this issue just by using a grid that can resize it self for all those platforms. But seriously? How responsive is that? I was a purist for a long time now, never used a grid for coding always made the code myself. I found that most of the grids were to generic, a lot of class’s and wrap divs that actually will never be used for nothing.

So after reading this article I was blown away for finally finding a grid that is everything a responsive webdesigner wants.

So go on a try it, I know I’ll be trying it on my next project.

The Semantic Grid System Also take a look at Less, another tool that you should start using right now.


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"The Semantic Grid System" via @marcogmonteiro