October 10, 2011 Written By Marco Monteiro

Recently I had an invite to Commun.it and I thought to myself, well I’ve never used a service to manage my community on twitter so I might has well give it a try. Commun.it is basically a service that let you know how to interact better with your community, the users that influence more and the one that you should consider to unfollow and follow.

First you should know that Commun.it is still in beta so there’s a lot to be done. However it already does a lot. What can I do with Commun.it?

Well you can make your network bigger with the assurance that you are only following someone that is following you back. Or in other case people that are in fact influencers to the subjects that made you get on Twitter in the first place.

On Commun.it you can see:

The users that actually talk back to you. The users that normally re-tweet your tweets. The influencers - Users with a certain power within their own networks that you follow and that actually talk back to you.

Those are the upsides on using Commun.it however I think they can do better on certain fields. Specially on the last on - The influencers - this term I think is not being used in the certain way, since in my point of view the influencers are those that you consider Gurus on a subject and that actually talk much about that subject. And most of the time they don’t even bother to reply to you. Those are the influencers.

In conclusion, this is a great service that are just getting a share of this market. For personal use it actually does the job. However for a company it still needs some improvements. But having in mind that this is still in closed beta. I think it’s pretty good.

They were kind enough to give my 25 invitations to distribute with this article. So if you want to give it a go just just follow this link.


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"Commun.it" via @marcogmonteiro