A message from the future

May 21, 2013 Written By Marco Monteiro

This is a message from the future for you. Yes, you! The guy that is still using Google Reader completely unprepared for what is about to happen.

Well, thinking about that I started not using GR a few months ago and now I’m here to tell you that life is possible without it. Here’s how:

First I tried to replace GR with another online reader, but none was as good as the one I used to love. Then I tried a few desktop apps and that failed completely. I would simply forget about them apps and don’t even read my feeds.

Then I remembered, I have a tablet don’t I? So I tried using apps like Flipboard and that seems to work greatly for stuff like daily news, tech news and whatnot. However I needed something to keep me up to date with my favorite blogs and using something like Flipboard for that was just silly.

So I came up with a solution for those. I called it the “survival of the fittest strategy”. I simply stopped using any kind of rss reader for that king of blogs. If they’re actually good I still remember to visit them at least once a week. If that’s not the case, well that means that the blog in question was not that good, therefore I can live without it (these are normally personal blogs and all that).

Now I have way more time for gif’s and lolcats on reddit and life is perfect.

ps: If you’re reading this message on Google Reader that just proves that this is in fact a message from the future. Because the life I’m living now is a life with no Google Reader.


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"A message from the future" via @marcogmonteiro