The bittersweet news

January 07, 2013 Written By Marco Monteiro

Well since I’m now working as a freelancer I now have a bit more power over what framework should be used for this or that project. Therefore, I think I’m not going to use Codeigniter by choice anymore. This means I’ll use it if the client requests it. Or if by any chance I’m working with someone else that is only familiar with CI and not Laravel. Also I still need to support a lot of applications that were built with CI, and since the code doen’t re-write itself I’m going to continue with Codeigniter on those.

I might even chose Codeigniter if somehow I get a long term project that needs support for a long time. Because like I said on other posts, Codeigniter is amazing for that.

Now, when we’re talking about projects that will not last longer in terms of support I’m going to use Laravel.

For now I’m still not confortable about using Laravel 4 in production. But I feel quite confortable using Laravel 3, specially when they told me on #laravel@freenode that Laravel 3 will be supported even after Laravel 4 comes out. This is great news, because what it means is that Laravel 3 will be some kind of LTS (Long Term Support) version of Laravel. Getting all of those sweet security updates and whatnot.

Anyhow, I don’t want people from the CI community to think that I’m out for good. I’m not, but I’m probably not going to be that active as I used to be there.

Ps: All the codeigniter projects that I’m involved with will continue being supported. Like my helpers and the snippets package for sublime text.


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