Codeigniter Handbook Vol. 2 Api Design

September 03, 2012 Written By

The CodeIgniter Handbook, a three-volume handbook full to the brim with pragmatic, succinct, useful information from one of the web’s pioneering developers. Learn about the whats & whys of writing cleaner, more concise code. Discover fascinating new techniques that allow you to remove duplication, increase your programming efficiency, and reduce those repetitive tasks. Fall in love with CodeIgniter all over again.

In today’s world the focus in web development has firmly shifted from isolated systems to interconnected networks of applications, all talking to each other in real time. CodeIgniter’s flexibility makes it very easy to create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and allow your applications to chat to each other.

In this book, you’ll learn the principles behind modern RESTful API design as well as a bunch of helpful implementation details, such as how to version your APIs, how to use HTTP to specify content types and how to extend and debug your APIs with useful homegrown tools.

I bought the 1st volume on paper when I was at Ciconf2012 UK, since Jamie Rumbelow does so much for the community I think the least I can do is buy his books. So this is what I’m currently reading, the second volume.

If you want to buy his book all you have to do is go here and do so. If you can’t afford the paper version the ebook version is quite cheap.


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