A New Face

August 09, 2013 Written By

My tumblr experience ended. It was good while it lasted but we had to part ways. You changed the way people manage and write their posts and I didn’t like that one bit.

Then I found this little project called Wardrobe built in Laravel 4 and I was in-love. Editor in markdown and a base templates focussed on the reading experience.

Took me one literally one days work to migrate all my articles and comments. First I used the jekyllrb plugin to export all my articles from tumblr. Then I imported everything into wardrobe in no time. The comments was the worst part, I had to change all the slugs to match them. After that I was good to go.

Couple of changes to the template and BAM I got myself a blog platform.

Best part is that since it’s built in Laravel 4 I can now play around with it and add more functionality to it.


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