February awesomeness ahead

January 23, 2012 Written By Marco Monteiro

It’s been a while since my last blog post, mostly because I had a lot of stuff happening at the same time. Both at the end of last year and the beginning of this one. So you’re probably wondering what is happening in February right? (probably not, but I’ll explain it anyway)

I’ll be on vacation in February and this time around I’m going to use it for two things. Have a really good time in London and learn new stuff from the awesome community of #codeigniter. Ciconf:

The CodeIgniter Conference is a two-day event being run with events around the world, with one event in London this February and the next happening back in the States. The two-day mixture of masterclasses and talks will give you a great chance to meet fellow CodeIgniter developers, listen to talks from some of the well known CodeIgniter bloggers and Reactor Engineers and learn new skills in our masterclasses which cater for beginners and advanced users alike. From that description one can only expect great things.

Obviously there will be drinks involved but the thing I think I’m going to enjoy the most will be just to be with people that I talk almost everyday on IRC or twitter. People that helped me grow a lot inside the community and as a webdeveloper.

So last year I had a check-list for my vacation, I though I’d make a new one this year too.

02 / 2012 Vacation check-list

  • Going to London two days before the conference so visit the city.
  • Have a lot of beer with _druu on the first night.
  • Some more sight seeing. (probably with a hangover so that will be interesting).
  • Meet up with the guys for an awesome weekend at ciconf. (joelcox, taftse, ShawnMcCool and _druu).
  • Meet up with rsmarshall.
  • Leave London with an awesome experience.

Check out the Ciconf website and twitter account for more news.


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