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A month ago I was chitchatting with the awesome people from the Internet (I was on IRC) and I got a private message a guy that I know from there from a long time. He wanted to ask me what I thought about a project that he was starting with some friends. The project was called Lunk.

So why am I making a post about a project that is not even mine?

Because I think this is a one of a kind project, since I don’t think there’s anything like it out there.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple actually. It’s a service to share information (text, code, file(s)) with someone. You’re probably thinking now that there’s a lot of services that work like that, but this one does one thing that others don’t.

Remember the guy from the image? It’s just like that. Your message can only be seen one time by the person you shared the link with. This is specially useful if you’re sharing sensible information like a API key or a password. A feature like this will prevent the person you sent the Lunk to re-share the info, and you can manage your Lunk’s and see which one was opened / destroyed and the ones that haven’t been opened yet.

Since this is a service that work with sensitive information security is very important. Just look at the main features:

  • SSL encryption is forced on site.
  • Lunks are only viewable once, so you don’t have to worry about information sent being viewed later if the link gets out.
  • Passwords are optional (paid users), for additional piece of mind.
  • Full encryption is available (Lunk a Lot users).
  • Syntax highlighting is available on common languages (a lot more coming soon).
  • See if Lunks have been viewed, for verification of delivery. For paid users, number of failed attempts, and detailed view history.
  • Customized view limitations, such as viewable more than once, viewable custom amount of time (coming soon).
  • API for integration other than web browser (such as browser extentions, or OS integration (files)). In development.

Another thing that you might be afraid about a service like this is their privacy policies, well you shouldn’t. Just look at their privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

We don’t sell your information.“

As you can see on the 3rd feature I mentioned, Lunk has some paid features divided by 3 plans. Free / Lunk a little / Lunk a lot.

So if you like the concept (who am I kidding you love it) just try it out or give feedback you can do it just now.


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