Ciconf2012 @London

February 24, 2012 Written By Marco Monteiro

Last weekend I was in London, mostly to attend to Ciconf. However I think it’s safe to say that one of the main reasons was to just to be around wonderful people. The actual Ciconf

The program end up being better than I was expecting.

John Crepezzi gave a really cool talk about testing Web Applications. I think is safe to say that I learn a lot with his talk.

Tyler Flint from pagodabox. Told us what is wrong at the moment with hosting companies and how good pagodabox is solving those problems. We even got a preview on some awesome new features that pagodabox will get in the next few weeks.

Harro Verton aka wanwizard that showed us how a good old school talk is made of. I was amazed about the amount of information he actually had on his talk. I’d like to apologize not to be able to do his master class. But my laptop was dead at the end of the day. Since I use european sockets and that was a pain to charge at the venue.

Jamie Rumbelow’s talk was great. I was actually looking forward to it, since I use most of his open source code. His talk was passionate you could actually see how much he cares about making really good code.

Alex Bilbie gave a wonderful talk about mongoDB. I totally want to use it now but first I have to find a good project for it.

The social aspect of Ciconf

End up meeting a lot of interesting new people and being with people that I talk all the time over the interwebs it’s a really great feeling. The first night at the Pub was entertaining and the Bowling night with almost all the people was really great.

Another great thing about the time I had in London was the group that I was with. The guys from the #codeigniter irc channel. It was just awesome to be with such fun people, we had some really funny moments. Was really great to be with people with different backgrounds and see that we had so much in common.


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