Using PuPHPet and then connecting to your mysql via SSH tunnel

February 21, 2016 Written By Marco Monteiro

I just did a fresh install of vagrant and built it using the online tool from PuPHPet. Had everything ready but I wasn’t able to connect to my mysql server.

The problem was in my SSH password. I thought it was this one:

u. vagrant
p. vagrant

But for some reason it wasn’t (yes it was left it as the default one from PuPHPet). So for consistency now everytime I do a fresh install I always do a few things; Access my machine via SSH.

    $ vagrant ssh

Changing the way your server deals with mysql connections.

    $ sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Here you want to find the bindaddress setting which will be set to and change it to Don’t forget to restart the mysql server after this.

    $ sudo service mysql restart

Anythins left to do is change your password to “vagrant” for consistency.

    $ passwd

That’s it, now you can connect without any problems via SSH tunnel to your mysql.


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"Using PuPHPet and then connecting to your mysql via SSH tunnel" via @marcogmonteiro