My work setup - 2020 update

June 18, 2020 Written By Marco Monteiro

It’s mid 2020, Ubuntu has a new LTS release and with it its time to try a few things and actually update. As you know I’m now using Pop!OS a distro based on Ubuntu. I already wrote an entire blog post about it. Now I’m going to show you the actual tools I use at the moment.


Pop!OS is designed for fast navigation, easy workspace organization, and fluid, convenient workflow. Your operating system should encourage discovery, not obstruct it. It uses gnome by default and that’s what I use.

Here’s the look of it when I load it.


Here’s the theme and icons that I’m using.



As you can see from that neofech print, I’m now using Alacritty, I’ve been a long term terminator user, but ever since I discovered Alacritty I never went back.


Alacritty is a terminal emulator with a strong focus on simplicity and performance. With such a strong focus on performance, included features are carefully considered and you can always expect Alacritty to be blazingly fast. By making sane choices for defaults, Alacritty requires no additional setup. However, it does allow configuration of many aspects of the terminal.

The software is considered to be at a beta level of readiness – there are a few missing features and bugs to be fixed, but it is already used by many as a daily driver, Including me.


Yes I’m still using Sublime Text 3 and I don’t plan on changing that. However, when I need to use a terminal based text editor I’m actually using Micro. Micro is easy to use ans it’s number one feature is being easy to install (it’s just a static binary with no dependencies) and easy to use.

Sublime and micro

Uses a simple json format to configure your options and rebind keys to your liking. If you need more power, you can use Lua to configure the editor further.


I’ve been a ZSH user for so long, used it for probably 6 years. However at the start of this year and started to try something new. The one I ended up with was fish. And then I obviously installed oh-my-fish. Fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for Linux, macOS, and the rest of the family.

A simple LS


Want to take a look at my dotfiles? Sure I have them all on my github. Get on it.


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