Laracon EU (III)

August 31, 2013 Written By Marco Monteiro

At the end of the first day the legend Fabien Potencier took the stage. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a developer by passion, he started to build websites with PHP5 in 2004 and created the Symfony framework to help SensioLabs, his company, leverage the power of PHP for its customers.

As expected his talk was all about Symfony.

Symfony is all about standardization and interoperability. The Symfony foundation is largely based on existing standards like HTTP, but it also leverages existing best-practices and design patterns like dependency injection. Learn more about the fundamental philosophy of Symfony and why embracing these core concepts is good for PHP as a whole.

After all the talk about standardization there was a really interesting Q&A. Mostly about general PHP stuff and some decisions and the Symfony roadmap.

This is how great Laracon EU is, we’re here not just to talk about Laravel. Mostly we’re were to talk about PHP in general. Actually I talked to a lot of people and most don’t even use Laravel that much. But we all love it and learn from it.


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