Codeigniter Snippets Package for Sublime T. 2

April 13, 2012 Written By Marco Monteiro

A few weeks ago I was at #codeigniter @freenode.net as usual, and we were talking about Sublime Text 2 (because it’s an awesome text editor and you should start using it right now) and we’re talking about how there was no package for Codeigniter with Snippets made just for it.

So I started one and made a pull request on the package repository so my work could be appreciated / used by anyone using Sublime Text 2. Obviously like any other open source project my snippets package can be updated by anyone. I must say that my first version was done really quickly and like so, needed a lot of improvements, but that’s why it was open sourced so anyone could actually make even better.

One week after someone tried to make a new one instead of forking mine since mine was already listed on the package directory. Well my first thought was to try and make the repository owner work with me and whoever already forked my repository.

After a few arguments and whatnot we finally come to an agreement and the final decision was that should only be one package listed on the package directory and that should be the one I already started since at that time more than 100 people were already using mine.

Since then, I’m still waiting on that fork and pull request. Now I can live with that, and I actually don’t care if the guy(s) that started the second repository actually make something on the side and have their own repository.

OK, so were am I going with this?

It’s quite simple actually.

Why in God’s name should one try to compete on something like a snippets repository? Seriously, I think competition is a really good thing and can make people get better on what they do. However something like this is not the same has making a framework or whatever were different approaches will result in completely different results. But this is not the case, this is a collection of files that will help people code, and that’s the only way to approach this problem.

If the a pull request actually is made, I’ll be glad to make it a part of the repository that I’ve created. But having two Codeigniter snippets packages is just counter productive, and that is all I have to say about this matter.

So if you use Codeigniter and use sublime text 2. Just go here fork and make it better.

Also, thank you all the 1000+ that are already using this package.

That’s it.

Snippets Package:


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