The Unexpected Bounce Rate

October 04, 2012 Written By

Ever since I moved my blog to tumblr I’ve been keeping a close eye on my analytics account. That’s because there’s a lot of articles out there that don’t say good things about tumblr and its power when it comes to SEO. My blog as been having a fair amount of visits, and for that I must say - Thank you - However, I found something really strange on my analytics page. The average visit duration could go up to 3 minutes, but at the same time I was getting a extremely high percentage of bounce rate, something like 90%.

Well, this didn’t feel right, so I looked at my blog trying to find what could be doing this and I think I found the cause.

The infine scroll in my homepage. People could be scrolling there for minutes while seeing different content but the url would never change.

The way to solve this is quite easy. I just had to write on url the number of the current page the user just “entered”.

I don’t have definite proof about this, but I’m pretty sure my bounce rate is getting lower day by day.

So, if you use infinite scroll in your website you should always send some kind of feedback in your url regarding the “page” the user is currently on.

This post is a small update on my tumblr experience so far.


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"The Unexpected Bounce Rate" via @marcogmonteiro