GDPR madness, right?

June 05, 2018 Written By Marco Monteiro

First let me be clear, I’m not talking about other countries, I’m mainly talking about Portugal here, since its where I live and its obviously where I’m taking all the examples from.

That said, here it goes.

Before the 25th of May, many were talking about everything that was going to happen, everyone was an expert. That’s not really bad, at least people were talking about something that’s important - user private data is no laughing matter.


Some companies started taking things into their own hands and got to work. Others hired “experts” from the outside to help them out. However, many did something different, they didn’t do shit.

The 25th of May finally came and nothing was the same! Or was it?

Well basically, I see it this way, there’s 3 scenarios right now.

Companies that started implementing everything early are now living normal lives. Their day to day hasn’t change and it’s business as usual. The ones that hired outside help on this, wasted loads of money are probably still wasting it, when they could probably could take care of everything indoors.

Finally the ones that didn’t do any of the above are watching the news. Waiting to see if anyone is fined. In case that happens sure, they will panic and will start doing something about it. Otherwise most of the companies will do nothing.

Who’s right in all this? In my opinion GDPR is nothing that problematic. My only advise in all this is just to take the data about your users seriously. Don’t be the company that doesn’t do anything about it and complains that’s this is too much work. Sure it takes time, but the world will be a better lace if everyone does it.

Another thing that bothers me to no end. Before the 25th the media wasn’t talking about this at all. After the 25th there’s a few articles here and there about it, but mostly there’s lots of discussions on social media about it. Once again, people only think about this stuff when they really have to.


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"GDPR madness, right?" via @marcogmonteiro