Web-developer & rider

I’ve been working as a web-developer for 12 years. I first started as a Front-end developer, working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A guy has to start somewhere!

After that I’ve done some work with Joomla and Wordpress (I know right? SHAME bell ringing), building some custom plugins, components and templates. Now I work mostly as a full PHP developer building rich applications with PHP MVC frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel (even though this one is not really mvc anymore).

I also do loads of project managment stuff, on my full time job I’m the Lead Developer in a team of 5.

In my free time I love riding my mountain bike and my motorcycle, I also love video games but I don’t get to play them as much these days.

You can visit my personal website at: www.marcomonteiro.net. Thanks for stopping by muchacho!