The intern feeling

June 22, 2014 Written By Marco Monteiro

Every now and again we come across someone that can easily give us the “Intern feeling”. No, not the “Bring me my coffee” feeling. But more of someone that know so much about something that you just want to be around him or her to absorb everything.

This is probably one of the best things about working on the web development field. Nobody knows everything about the subject, but there’s always someone that knows a bit more than you do, and if you’re willing to learn and listen, you ca grow everyday.

Lerning something

He’s the thing that I’ll never understand, some people don’t like to be around others that clearly know more than they do about the subject. They feel rejected or inferior. I tell you what, if someday I’ll happen to take on a job where I’m the moron, and I’m the person that knows less about the stuff we’re working on, man I’ll be so happy (i’ll be sad if after a year i’m still the moron). Imagine learning something new everyday without even having to look for it. Just in your normal day job, talking with your peers.

Just be happy that you’re learning or have someone to learn from everyday.


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"The intern feeling" via @marcogmonteiro