Back On The Gaming Scene Why Not

May 13, 2012 Written By

I was a hardcore online gamer for a while. Specially when I was in college (we all know how that is). However since I switched from Windows to OSX I stopped doing that. So I bought a xbox360 and now I do 90% of my gaming there. Even if I have some cool online games on Xbox I miss two types of games: Poker online and MMORPG’s.

The first one I resolved it very quickly, found partypoker since it was one of the few that actually had a pkg for a OSX app (most of the ones I found didn’t) and the payment system works quite well.

Now the second part was not easy at all. First I found wurmonline but the java application was always crashing on mac. Then I tried Dungeon Hunter Alliance (bought it on the mac app store) and it is quite good.

So I think now I’m happy on my gaming thing. I have skyrim on my xbox, Party Poker to spend (or make) some money, and Dungeon Hunter Alliance to just hanging around and talk to some peeps.


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