The CH experience

August 19, 2013 Written By Marco Monteiro

Earlier this year I got out of the previous company I was working for. My plan was simple. Earn enough money to live on my own as a freelancer.

However things didn’t go exactly as expected. Mainly because living as a freelancer in Portugal sucks. Almost all the companies are in the toilet hence you only get paid when they can and not when you should.

So I decided to try the market again and go after another full time job. I only had two requirements:

  • Work for a small company
  • Don’t have to move to another city

I got my resume ready (as in export my profile from linkedin) and sent it to Grupo CH because one of the companies there was hiring. Did the whole interview thing. Twice. One with human resources, and the second with the CEO.

Got the job. Moved to another city and within a week I was working for a company with 75-100 people.

Well I guess my two requirements went out the window then.

I was afraid at the time. My main concerns were that the group was just “too corporate” for me and I wouldn’t like it. Because you know, I like to wear shorts and ironic t-shirts to work.

Grupo CH

This is CH in all its glory

All of that disappeared when I started working inside that little corner of the building they call Monstros e companhia (monsters & cia - The company I’m working for in the group). I love it there. We work hard, but we still find a way to have a good time.

We live in our own world there. That’s the best description I find for my work environment. We are a young and small team of 7-10 people that work mostly for small clients and for the other companies inside our group.

Monstros & CIA

The team

The work stuff is going great. I like what, and how I’m doing things. I live close to the office so I don’t spend much time in commutes. I even have time to work on side projects like my blog and freelance stuff. But most of all, I have time to enjoy my new home.

My home view

The view from the balcony of my new place

I get to experiment a lot since I mainly work on my projects alone. So I can choose what tools I’ll be using for a specific task, which is great!

What can I say? The past 6 months have been great. Lots of new friends and experiences.

And yes, I’m going to start blogging more about “work related stuff”.


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