Is 2012 gone yet?

December 31, 2012 Written By Marco Monteiro

Yeah, that’s right. It’s gone, vanish, it’s in fact the past now. So let’s look back and see what 2012 as done.

I started this blog in late 2010. Rather than dumping all the information I wanted here, I had a really slow start. Blogging only every now and them. Actually 2010 had only 8 posts and for some weird reason that I can’t really remember my next post only came 6 months after that. So 2011 was also a slow year. Them I made one of my 2012 year resolutions that I’ll be using my blog more often. Then I started planning and taking it more seriously, doing series of posts about specific subjects. Screencasting, which was weird for me (still is), and yes, 2012 has more posts (with what I think is useful information) than the other two years put together.

The only thing I really wish for 2013 related to this project is making it even better. Like I told you I’m planing a screencast series, something that I haven’t done before. Also I’m going to keep posting like I did during 2012 or better, time will tell.

For now, thanks for stoping by and I wish you a really good 2013.


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"Is 2012 gone yet?" via @marcogmonteiro