Vacation check-list

September 08, 2011 Written By Marco Monteiro

Looks like I’m on a two week vacation. Nothing better than do a simple check-list for the next two weeks so I don’t end up playing xbox all the time and nothing productive will come out of it.

Since I’m not going away on actual vacation time this year, this is what I’ll try to do. Fun List:

  1. Get to the end of GTA 4 for xbox. I think I can achieve this in one day.
  2. Have some beers with the folks at my old place.
  3. Visit Aveiro for some fun time at the beach.
  4. Visit Oeiras for some fun time and if the weather allows some beach time too.
  5. Visit my family. Since I’m working away from the old place.

Hobby List:

  1. Do a lot of Geocaching
  2. Make some time for photography. Both normal and Lomo.

Other List:

  1. Making some changes to Admin Base. (CodeIgniter base CMS project for developers)
  2. Make some progression on my current personal project.
  3. Advance a bit on my blog post’s here. Already have some almost finished.
  4. Make some time for DailyPancake.

This is my list for the next two weeks. Let’s see if I can get it all done. To keep track of all this just follow my Twitter AccountI’ll probably be posting stuff there about all this.


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