My way of styling Part 1

Oct/26/2010 5 min read by Marco Monteiro

Well i’m a webdeveloper, therefore much of my work is making an idea come to reality, or making the website “alive”. That can be achieved with css among other things. This is my favorite thing to do on my daily work, styling a website. With this article i’ll be trying to show my process of doing this.

First of all i try to use only one css file, but sometimes the file get’s so big that you might find useful to make some divisions. So, if you can’t use only one file try not to use more than 3, after that you will see the difference specially when someone is arriving to the website for the first time.

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Hello there

Oct/13/2010 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

Hello there and welcome to my blog.

i’ll be using this place for three things, first i’ll be sharing my opinion about things on the web, new ways of making things. What is the best way to make stuff that actually works for the general user. So this will be the main purpose of this place!

Second, i’ll try to inspire you every now and then with some cool stuff i find, and obviously share work done by others that might inspire you to do even better things. So at least once a week i’ll try to share stuff that could inspire your work. Could be a video, could be an image, or even some work from a guy on the other end of the world that could change the way things are done or work.

And the least but not the last, i’m a movie and tvshow freak, so probably if cross paths with something awesome that could change your life, i’ll probably share it here to!

So this is it, this is where i tell the world: screw you, i have my own opinion!

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