Why use a cms?

Nov/20/2010 6 min read by Marco Monteiro

A while ago i received an e-mail with a future subject to write about on my blog and i was really glad, since that ment two things, people are reading and most of all are interested in my opinion. Therefore this week post will be all about free stuff and all you can actually make with it on the webdesign / webdev world.

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World Usability Day revisited

Nov/12/2010 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

Yesterday i went to a conference in Lisbon where i got to see all kinds of peeps interested in usability. Check here the program. I gotta a say the conference was really good and that got me pumped up to build even better applications to get the user the best experience.

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World Usability Day

Nov/10/2010 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

November 11 is celebrated another World Usability Day. This year’s theme is “Communication.” The Portuguese Association of the Usability Professionals (Appu) celebrates this day with a conference at 15h in Olissipo Oriental Hotel; Room Toquio, Parque das Nações in Lisbon, and will involve some speakers.

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My way of styling Part II

Nov/08/2010 4 min read by Marco Monteiro

Last week i explained how to structure a good signature on your code and why. This week i’ll be explaining how i do my css coding and how i structure my files. First of all i’d like to point you to some useful websites that can help you get started coding with css. Ok now the next part and i’ll try to keep it clean and simple.

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New Rss feed

Oct/29/2010 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

Dear visitor, if you have already subscribed to my rss feed i ask you one small favor: unsubscribe it and subscribe it again from the icon i have at the bottom of the page or use the image from this post.

I’m asking this because i have forgotten to add my feed to feedburner therefore i wasn’t able to monitor your subscriptions. Also now you can see all the post in my feed, because if you are like me you want to be able read almost everything just in your rss client.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenient but i think this will benefit both you and me.

Have a nice Halloween

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