Codeigniter - Video Helper

Nov/20/2011 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

Over the weekend I’ve written a small helper since latterly almost all of my projects have to work with youtube or even with vimeo. This is a helper to work with Codeigniter obviously.

Has usual I’ll give you guys the link to github. If you have any suggestions or have any issues with it, just post it on github. Also you’re free to fork it and add awesomeness to it.

Gihub repository

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In maintenance

Oct/25/2011 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

I’m here with some bad news, or perhaps not. Will see. What I know for sure is that I will moving my website and my blog out of here. I’m sick and tired of trying to talk with someone at hocnet and just couldn’t. Even the process of renewal is a real pain.

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Oct/11/2011 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

Recently I had an invite to Commun.it and I thought to myself, well I've never used a service to manage my community on twitter so I might has well give it a try. Commun.it is basically a service that let you know how to interact better with your community, the users that influence more and the one that you should consider to unfollow and follow.

First you should know that Commun.it is still in beta so there's a lot to be done. However it already does a lot.

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Copywriting for geeks

Oct/05/2011 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

For the past weeks I've been reading some material about a lot of subjects on the web like SEO, Responsive Webdesign, SocialMedia and whatever piece of information I can get my hands on that can give a bit more know how about every aspects of the web. And last month I had a two weeks vacation (check the link to see everything I've accomplished from my todo list) I had some more time for the reading department. During that time I've come across with this book by Marc-André Cournoyer.

Now if you're familiar with Marc-André work you'll know before hand that this will be a nice reading. Even before you actually do some reading. Yes, he's that awesome.

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The new Gowalla approach

Sep/25/2011 5 min read by Marco Monteiro

This week Gowalla released a new mobile app both for Android and IOS. When I heard this I was so excited. I'm not using gowalla for that long, I used foursquare when I started checkin into places. But lately I noticed that I had much more real friends on Gowalla than foursquare. So I changed to Gowalla and I love it.

I loved Gowala, it's was fun, fast and most of all it worked. Well not anymore, not after that last version. For what I've been reading they changed the business strategy, trying to difference their product from foursquare. I can relate to that, since there's no space in the market for both. But I never thought they would go down this path.

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