The Semantic Grid System

Aug/29/2011 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

A lot has been going on this year about responsive webdesign. Personally I think this is a great thing that finally webdesigners are awaken for the reality that webdesign can no longer be produced for one platform but for many.

Web have tablets, smartphones, small screen laptops. This verity of platforms makes the job a bit difficult for a webdesigner, but a lot more interesting.

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GitHub, Reactor, and v2.0.3

Aug/22/2011 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

If you are following CICON 2011 yesterday, then you no doubt already heard from the Reactor team: CodeIgniter is now using Git for source control, and has moved its home to GitHub. Also, CodeIgniter ...Core“ is not longer being publicly maintained. CodeIgniter ...Reactor“ is CodeIgniter, so we are dropping that suffix. In short: CodeIgniter is the framework, and Reactor is our community driven development program.

Lastly, version 2.0.3 was released today, download it here or from the release tag at GitHub. For full details of our switch to Git, head over to the EllisLab blog.

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Which of the four are getting in the way?

Jun/07/2011 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

There’s a good thought.

  • > You don’t know what to do
  • >You don’t know how to do it
  • >You don’t have the authority or the resources to do it
  • >You’re afraid

Once you figure out what’s getting in the way, it’s far easier to find the answer (or decide to work on a different problem). Stuck is a state of mind, and it’s curable.

via: Seth’s Blog

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Chrome for a Cause

Dec/19/2010 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

Google offers you to support one of five charities by counting the tabs you opened in Chrome.

The total number of opened tabs by users will determine the amount of charitable donations (up to one million dollars) to be made on behalf of the Chrome community.

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Why use a cms?

Nov/20/2010 6 min read by Marco Monteiro

A while ago i received an e-mail with a future subject to write about on my blog and i was really glad, since that ment two things, people are reading and most of all are interested in my opinion. Therefore this week post will be all about free stuff and all you can actually make with it on the webdesign / webdev world.

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