Yeah! I'm not using mac anymore

April 04, 2018 Written By Marco Monteiro

Let’s be clear, I’m still using OSX at work, mostly because there’s no need to change there these days. The computer is already there, so why change?

For the past 8 or 9 years I’ve been using as my main computer a macbookpro. First gen I bought was awesome, lasted for years. Upgraded it with some more RAM, and then I even removed the DVD player (remember those?) and shoved a SSD and the computer was great.

Then I decided to sell it and bought one of the new ones. One of those that you can’t really do anything to it (hardware wise). After some thought I decided it was time to make a decision, and believe it or not it all started with me selling my PS4. Sold it and decided to make a gamming rig. Then I also sold my new macbookpro and I was like “-Man, I could make a hackingtosh!” So I made my gamming rig with all compatible parts and build it like that.

Bought a second SSD so I could have really separate environments, windows and OSX. Problem was, when I started fidling with the hackingtosh I got bored with it very fast.

Next logical step? I gave Ubuntu 17.10 a go and man was I impressed, everything is so fucking awesome with it. Works so well, they removed Unity that I always hated and got back to gnome 3.

My environment now is basically one hardrive with Linux and one with Windows 10 (that I actually kinda like too).

People, do you a favor if you’re a developer start looking at other alternatives, because windows 10 and Linux really are these days.

I’ll be posting more details about my environment soon.


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"Yeah! I'm not using mac anymore" via @marcogmonteiro