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Yeah! I'm not using mac anymore

Apr/04/2018 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

Let's be clear, I'm still using OSX at work, mostly because there's no need to change there these days. The computer is already there, so why change?

For the past 8 or 9 years I've been using as my main computer a macbookpro. First gen I bought was awesome, lasted for years. Upgraded it with some more RAM, and then I even removed the DVD player (remember those?) and shoved a SSD and the computer was great.

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Sublime pro tip CTags

Jun/07/2013 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

One of the best features about the new version of Sublime that is now in beta is probably the goto definition. That was actually the main feature that was making me consider the update. However, now you can have that feature in your sublime text 2 powered by CTags.

The ctags command is searched for on the system PATH. It works by doing a binary search of a memory-mapped tags file, so it will work efficiently with very large (50MB+) tags files if needed.

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