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Dealing with technical debt

Mar/05/2020 5 min read by Marco Monteiro

Technical debt is just a fancy way of saying that something will bite you in the ass in the long term. However, in every project this is something very real that every Lead Developer has to deal with almost in a daily basis.

Here I'll try to describe on how to avoid it it, or at least identify it as soon as possible so you can plan ahead.

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Oct/11/2011 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

Recently I had an invite to Commun.it and I thought to myself, well I've never used a service to manage my community on twitter so I might has well give it a try. Commun.it is basically a service that let you know how to interact better with your community, the users that influence more and the one that you should consider to unfollow and follow.

First you should know that Commun.it is still in beta so there's a lot to be done. However it already does a lot.

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