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Codeigniter version 4 needs your help

Aug/09/2016 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

CodeIgniter 4 has its own Github repository. It deviates enough from CodeIgniter 3 that the British Columbia Institute of Technology wanted to keep them separate. The CodeIgniter 4 roadmap is explained in the forum, and work to be done is detailed in the repository issues.

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Top 100 with 18k installs

Sep/24/2013 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

That's right, I'm talking about the Codeigniter snippets package for sublime text. The package is now one of the top 100 most installed packages and it has 18k installs.

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The bittersweet news

Jan/07/2013 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

Well since I'm now working as a freelancer I now have a bit more power over what framework should be used for this or that project. Therefore, I think I'm not going to use Codeigniter by choice anymore. This means I'll use it if the client requests it. Or if by any chance I'm working with someone else that is only familiar with CI and not Laravel.

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Codeigniter wiki was awesome!

Nov/19/2012 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

One of the best things about using Codeigniter is obviously the community and how easy it is to find solutions to your problems. You have a lot of options, the IRC channel, the forums, the awesome documentation and you had the wiki.

Well codeigniter moved all the code from bitbucket to github and that was awesome. However, ElisLab always had their own wiki. People used it a lot, adding libraries, helpers and some good advices on how to do stuff with the framework. The sky was the limit and there was no disturbance in the force.

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To HMVC or not to HMVC?

Nov/18/2012 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

I’ve been trying some stuff out on Laravel 3 and also Laravel 4. One thing that I like about laravel 3 is the use of bundles. Making it easy to re-use your code, which makes the application modular and so forth. While in Codeigniter I never missed this feature, well at least not until I had a taste of what it really was using other frameworks. Now I think I’m going to try and use the HMVC pattern with Codeigniter.

When I first made my research I ended up here: codeigniter modular extensions hmvc after reading the wiki and talking about it with the folks at #codeigniter (Freenode) I think this is the way to go.

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