World Usability Day revisited

Nov/12/2010 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

Yesterday i went to a conference in Lisbon where i got to see all kinds of peeps interested in usability. Check here the program. I gotta a say the conference was really good and that got me pumped up to build even better applications to get the user the best experience. The first speaker, Anabela Fernandes told us all about how should we do tests with real people. Although i’ve never donne more than tests with co-workers she really give us good pointers on how to act when to try to test something. On the first break me and Carlos Ceia got to talk with her and ask her some questions, like how do we get people to try our products.

After that Sandra Fisher-Martins kicked in telling us some troubling news about our country. Portugal, we are really stupid and we can’t comunicate to the comum human being because we don’t keep things simple. I enjoy this presentation even if this is not my area of expertise. (copyright is not really my thing)

The next speaker was Bruno Figueiredo and he told us all about interfaces specially in web so on this on even if i don’t agree 100% with all the things he said the presentation was good.

The last speaker was Ivo Gomes and he told us all about affordances and his presentationshould speak for himself. I really liked this one, and for me this was the best presentation.


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