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Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit - review

Jun/26/2013 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

One of the things that is actually starting to matter in our PHP world is testing. THe PHP community disregarded this for far too long. However, more modern frameworks took this issue seriously and the community responded well.

PHPUnit is a testing framework that is supported, integrated and suggested by the majority of PHP frameworks. Test Driven Development (TDD), and Continuous Integration are here to stay and PHPUnit is an industry standard that caters for both.

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PHP-FIG - The PHP Framework Interop Group

Feb/04/2013 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

The idea behind the group is for project representatives to talk about the commonalities between our projects and find ways we can work together. Our main audience is each other, but we're very aware that the rest of the PHP community is watching. If other folks want to adopt what we're doing they are welcome to do so, but that is not the aim.

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Laravel Starter front to back

Jan/08/2013 4 min read by Marco Monteiro

I just finished reading this book, so it's now time to give it the review it deserves. First and foremost this is a really small book that you can read in hours. However you shouldn't judge a book by its weight. Even though the book is small, it's actually full of useful content. Like any other book about a framework, it starts by walking the reader into the process of downloading and getting started with the framework. Getting everything ready on all the operating systems.

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Composer + Oh-My-Zsh

Nov/23/2012 1 min read by Marco Monteiro

Oh-my-zsh is a community driven framework that you can use to manage your zsh configuration.

What about composer? I have a blog you know? I write stuff from time to time. Keep up, Internet.

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Codeigniter wiki was awesome!

Nov/19/2012 2 min read by Marco Monteiro

One of the best things about using Codeigniter is obviously the community and how easy it is to find solutions to your problems. You have a lot of options, the IRC channel, the forums, the awesome documentation and you had the wiki.

Well codeigniter moved all the code from bitbucket to github and that was awesome. However, ElisLab always had their own wiki. People used it a lot, adding libraries, helpers and some good advices on how to do stuff with the framework. The sky was the limit and there was no disturbance in the force.

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